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From Cocoa Press Cake to Cocoa

Finely-ground cocoa liquor is separated into liquid cocoa butter and solid cocoa press cake in a chamber filter press.


While the cocoa butter is filtered and discharged in liquid form or into blocks, the compact cocoa press cake is pre-milled in roller crushers and then dry-milled into finely-ground cocoa powder.

NETZSCH can offer various machine types for pulverizing the pre-crushed low fat or high fat cocoa press cakes depending on their fat content, feed temperature and desired final fineness.

Classifier Mill CSM

  • High specific throughput capacities with low fat qualities (up to 12% fat content)
  • Cooling of the intake air
  • Final products with a defined upper particle size limit thanks to integrated air classifier.

Fluidized Bed Jet Mill CGS

  • Reliable processing of high fat qualities (22% fat content) in low pressure operation
  • Low wear
  • Well-suited for products containing a large amount of cocoa shells

Impact Mill Condux®

  • Equipped with two counter-rotating pin discs as grinding tools
  • Relative peripheral speeds of up to 250 ms-1

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