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Close to the Heart of NETZSCH! 

In NETZSCH, we are totally convinced that AfterSales service really matters to our customers. When you acquire NETZSCH equipment, it is our commitment to keep it in operation under optimal performance through the rest of its lifetime.

Our promise is to minimize downtimes by using an agile and reliable full program of preventive maintenance, remote assistance and field service support, using, when needed, high quality original spare parts at fair prices in a short and reliable delivery time.

But that is not enough; in our ongoing search for excellence, we also promise to keep your production process at an optimal and efficient state of the art operation condition, giving process advice and machine improvements.

Santiago Requena

„From any of our manufacturing and service centers in Europe, North and South America or Asia, a full dedicated and motivated AfterSales service team is ready to help and support you.“

Santiago Requena
Business Field Manager “AfterSales Service”

The NETZSCH Service Network: quick, reliable, competent, worldwide 

The AfterSales Support team provides on-site professional support, quick installation, and replacement of original parts. From initial contact, through planning and commissioning, to technical consultation, NETZSCH is with you for every step of the journey.

The NETZSCH Group ensures proper and long-term operation of customers’ systems by offering a broad range of services to support customers in the optimization of their system and processes.

Based on longstanding expertise in the areas of development and sales, the Business Unit of Grinding & Dispersing offers the following services for optimizing product quality, machine productivity, and system availability:

  • Spare Parts
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance, Inspection & Service Agreements
  • Commissioning
  • Recondition & Conversions
  • Process optimization
  • NETZSCH Grinding Beads

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We do not only promise quality, but also individual consulting. Let us start your project together.

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Extended Service

Thanks to a mature infrastructure, the NETZSCH Group is not only capable of ensuring proper and long-term operation of the customer's systems, but can also offer a broader range of services to support the customer in the optimization of his system processes.

Based on longstanding expertise in the areas of development and sales, the Business Unit "Grinding & Dispersing" offers the following services, among others, for the optimization of product quality, machine productivity and system availability:

  • in-depth error analysis
  • seminars for practitioners, machine operators and maintenance personnel
  • toll grinding
  • trial and lease machines
  • test runs on laboratory and production machines in the NETZSCH in-house technical center