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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

With LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology it is possible to produce space-saving, flicker-free, low-radiation displays that are easier on the eyes than conventional television or computer monitors.

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In addition, liquid crystal displays have a sharper picture with greater contrast and they use less power. 
The function of LCD monitors is always identical. The chromophore pigments are located in a layer that is only a thousandth of a millimeter thick. All of the picture elements, the so-called pixels, are composed of the colors red, green and blue. All shades of color can be produced from these three basic colors. Each color in a pixel is dedicated to a liquid crystal cell, whose transparency can be changed by an applied voltage.

If a pixel allows all of the light through, a white picture element appears. A black pixel is seen with total opacity. All other color mixtures and basic colors are possible through partial or complete transparency of the individual liquid crystal cells in a pixel. 

LCD pigments must be ultrapure, colorfast and light resistant, transparent and as narrow and finely distributed as possible. In addition, the pigments must neither scatter nor polarize light. The smaller and rounder the pigment particles, the better the contrast of the picture they create. 
The Zeta® and Zeta® RS High-performance mills are used for the most contamination free comminution of the LCD pigments possible with very small grinding media. The MicroCer®, MiniCer® and the LabStar laboratory-scale machines with variable grinding chamber volumes and very easy operation are available for process development. Comprehensive consultation based on our many years of experience is available as well as testing in our customer laboratory.

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