Wet Grinding

MiniSeries / MicroSeries laboratory mills

Wet grinding and dispersing with laboratory agitator bead mills of the MiniSeries and MicroSeries

Laboratory Mills for Product Development and Production of Smallest Batches

Nanotechnology increasingly enters many fields of application. Only those who have the possibility to use nanotechnology can preserve their chances for the future. 

Due to the improved centrifugal separation system the use of smallest grinding media is possible in the laboratory mills of the MicroSeries and MiniSeries. This technology guarantees wet grinding to the nanometer range. You are investing into the future.


The compact, universally applicable laboratory circulation mills of the MiniSeries impress with easy handling and the use of small quantities from 0.25 to 0.5 l for product sizes down to the nanometer range. Within a short time it is possible to conduct many tests with low product loss and significant results. You are saving time and costs for your product development.

The laboratory mills of the MiniSeries are available in three different material designs:

The MiniCer® and MiniPur enable metal free fine grinding of your high quality products. All grinding chamber parts of the MiniCer® are of wear resistant NETZSCH-Ceram Z or NETZSCH Ceram_C/NETZSCH-Ceram N or in the case of the MiniPur of NElast.

For the universally applicable agitator bead mill MiniFer all grinding chamber parts are of stainless steel. You can process small product batches in continuous pass and circulation operation or in an enclosed, discontinuous batch operation.


Finest wet grinding technology – the laboratory mills of the MicroSeries  are an investment in the future for new product developments of different fields of application of pigmented ink jets, technical ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical applications and nano-scale high-tech products. 

The improved centrifugal separation system of the worldwide known peg grinding system Zeta® enables the use of very small grinding media for grinding and dispersing of minimal product batch quantities.

The laboratory mills of the MicroSeries  are available in three different material designs:

  • MicroFer all grinding chamber parts are of stainless steel
  • for metal-free fine grinding the MicroCer® (NETZSCH-Ceram Z or NETZSCH Ceram_C/NETZSCH-Ceram N design) is available  for solvent-based or the MicroPur (NElast design) for water-based products

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