Zirconium silicate grinding beads

ZsBeads are sintered zirconium silicate grinding media with a high sphericity. In contrast to grinding beads that are produced in a melting process the ZsBeads are almost free of bubbles and pores. These properties increase their wear-resistance and prevent breaking. They are available in different fractions ranging from 0.6 mm to 1.8 mm.

Available standard qualities

TypeFraction [mm]
ZsBeads 0.70.6 - 0.8
ZsBeads 0.90.8 - 1.0
ZsBeads 1.11.0 - 1.2
ZsBeads 1.31.2 - 1.4
ZsBeads 1.51.4 - 1.6
ZsBeads 1.71.6 - 1.8
ZsBeads 1.91.8 - 2.0
ZsBeads 2.12.0 - 2.2
ZsBeads 2.32.0 - 2.5

Chemical composition

about (in weight %) 

Mechanical properties

Density4.0 kg/l
Bulk density~ 2.5 kg/l
Vickers hardness900 HV

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