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Our company represents competence in grinding technology, and the ability to meet demanding customer requirements. We are the only company to offer basket, pin, circulation and passage mills.

We have been building horizontal disc mills for more than 40 years, and over 4,200 machines are in global use today. We are the only manufacturer in the world able to build them in size from 1 ltr to 15,000 ltr and from 3 kW to 4000 kW. 

With the introduction of the new disc geometry TetraNex®/TetraNex® Plus, a significant increase in the efficiency of the grinding system was achieved. Now the grinding system has been modified again. In this long history - marked by ideas and patents - a new milestone has been set with the Discus Intensive Rotor.

Focus on Your Advantages 

  • Highest productivity
    • Low specific energy requirement
    • Significantly narrower residence time distribution
    • Highly-efficient grinding media separation system
    • Reliable scale-up
  • Optimum product cooling with an inner pipe of grinding tank made of NETZSCH-Ceram C
  • Efficient recirculation is possible
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Complete Innovation

More Capacity – More Beads

The highly efficient, dynamic centrifugal separation system facilitates the use of grinding beads of various densities, matched to the application. In addition, it allows the use of grinding beads down to 0.3 mm in diameter. The separation system ensures that the mill can be operated far below the critical point of grinding bead compression, even for products with challenging rheological properties.


Based on a Proven Concept

The Discus Intensive Rotor is the latest development in a long history in grinding technology. Based on decades of research and development and technical competence, we developed Discus, an intensive rotor that shows again an impressive result in separation, flow and grind efficiency.

Increased Power Input

The Discus Intensive grinding system optimizes the movement of the grinding media so that higher power input and production output are achieved with a simultaneous increase in grinding efficiency.

We Keep Cool

The use of state-of-the-art highperformance ceramics with high thermal conductivity increases the cooling of the grinding chamber. It is also much more wear resistant than steel and increases the service life of the grinding chamber many times over.

We Increase Flow Rate

The Discus Intensive Rotor allows much higher flow rates without reaching the maximum pressure. This helps run highly viscous product at high flow rates, and also allows running of an effective circulation operation for products that have specific energy requirements starting with, around, 100 kWh/t and higher.

Improves Quality & Productivity

Example: Water Based Paint

What we do, we do well. This success story is based on the trusting cooperation with a German customer who has been using an LME 20 in the standard version for his production since the beginning of the 1990s. It shows continuous improvement of the disc mill.

  1. The customer has to guarantee a shelf life of minimum one year, so he is running a second pass to get a clean product. When we changed to the TetraNex®/TetraNex® Plus design and the conventional separation system, we were able to increase the productivity by 50% to 60 kg/h but still 2 passes are necessary. The temperature outlet was at the product limit.
  2. For this reason we changed the liner material to NETZSCH-Ceram C so that we were able to increase agitator speed without reaching the maximum temperature. The production rate increased by another 40% to 85 kg/h but still a second pass was necessary to get a clean product.
  3. By installing the double conical spacers we were successful in getting a clean product and at a flow rate of 190 kg/hr - this is roughly 4-6 fold increase
  4. Through an additional modification of the grinding media separation and the complete use of the grinding chamber as a process volume, a further significant increase in product output to 400 kg/h in one pass was achieved.
NETZSCH stages of development

This example shows the enormous effect of our step by step improvement of the Discus to the latest Discus Intensive Rotor. More than 6 times the productivity was reached compared to the original set up.

Sizes – from Lab to large-scale Production

NameGrinding Chamber Volume (dm³)Batch size (l)Drive power (kW)Typical throughput rate (kg/h)
LabStar0.951.5 - 535 - 50
Discus 4420 - 11507.514 - 140
Discus 151450 - 4502235 - 350
Discus 3027100 - 70022 / 3070 - 700
Discus 6057200 - 150045 / 55135 - 1350
Discus 150150500 - 350055 / 75310 - 3100
Discus 200220600 - 400075 / 90380 - 3800
Discus 300320800 - 5000110 / 132560 - 5600
Discus 5005101500 - 10000160 / 200850 - 8500
Discus 10001040> 2500355 / 4001400 - 14000
Discus 12001170> 25004001400 - 14000


Discus 30
Discus 30
Alpha® Discus 60
Alpha® Discus 60

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