Wet Grinding

Grinding System Zeta®

The Grinding System for Circulation and Multi-Pass Operation

Suitable for a wide variety of every viscosity and almost any product, with this technology you will achieve the highest product qualities and finenesses into the nanometer range using a wide variety of grinding media from 0.3 mm to 3 mm in diameter. The closed horizontal agitator bead mill is designed for the highest product throughput rates and has a peg grinding system with extremely high grinding intensity.

The Zeta® grinding system is, in every respect, a user friendly, low-maintenance and very reliable grinding system. Starting with the structural design of the agitator mill, there is already a number of advantages: the horizontal orientation guarantees a homogeneous fill of the grinding media in the grinding tank.

The start-up performance of the mill with product is therefore unproblematic and very high flow rates can be set without pressure build-up. The product outlet is located directly on the bottom of the grinding tank and is therefore easily accessible. During operation, the product flows horizontally through the agitator mill from the inlet on the bearing side and exits via the slotted pipe at the bottom of the tank.

The forced conveyance of the product through the grindintensive grinding media fill guarantees a uniform load inside the mill, while the dynamic separation system reliably retains the grinding media in the grinding zone. This enables extremely high throughput rates without pressure build-up in the grinding chamber and creates ideal conditions for circulation or multipass operation. For precise temperature control, the agitator mill is equipped with an optimized cooling system. A coolable agitator shaft is also available as an option.

Focus on Your Advantages

  • Peg grinding system with the highest grinding intensity
  • Finenesses into the nanometer range
  • Narrowest particle size distribution
  • Greatest cost efficiency
  • Exact reproducibility
  • Effective centrifugal separation system
  • Use of extremely small grinding beads from 0.1 mm diameter
  • Logical design for the highest throughput rates Ideal for circulation/multipass operation
  • Optimal energy input with effective cooling
  • Ideal temperature control
  • Universally applicable for every product 
  • Scale-up possible from laboratory to production machine
  • Reliable use of a wide variety of grinding media from 0.1 mm to 3 mm
  • You achieve the best product qualities with maximum output and optimal energy efficiency
  • Additional product-optimized grinding chamber configurations available upon request

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Machine Sizes 

The Zeta® grinding system is available in sizes ranging from the Mini/MicroSeries laboratory mills with grinding chamber volumes of 0.08 l to production machines with grinding chamber volumes of 400 l. Full scale-up of the results achieved on the laboratory scale is possible.

Cleaning made easy

The optimized cleaning concept with a wash cycle system allows almost residue-free cleaning with very little cleaning agent, and without emptying the grinding tank.

Versatility without Limits

The NETZSCH Zeta® grinding system has a wide range of applications and is equally suited both for processing very low-viscosity products and grinding products with a high solids concentration and correspondingly high viscosity, and everything in between. The product-wetted components are available in various materials. Depending on the application, materials such as NElast, ceramic, abrasion-resistant special steels and stainless steel are available.


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