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Improve the Efficiency of your Chocolate Production

With its innovative design, the new MasterConch can be operated with higher fill levels.

In conjunction with the optimized design of the agitator shaft with scrapers and mixing tools, it is now possible to achieve significantly improved mixing and higher shear and, consequently, more efficient processing of the chocolate mass.

In addition, the conch can be emptied down to minimum residual quantities at the centric outlet and cleaned „in place“ with spray heads. Due to the novel air inlet, without static air injection bars, maximum cleanability of the MasterConch is realized. This makes the new MasterConch extremely flexible.

It is suitable for conching of high-quality chocolate masses as well as processing premium compounds, fillings, spreads and ice cream coatings, drying of rework and as a replacement for „classical conches.“ The MasterConch is the first CIP-capable conch, making it possible to change products quickly, in about 30 minutes, with no significant product loss and reduced cross contamination. This means a high level of safety and flexibility.

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High degree of product safety
Completely closed system
CIP capable
High level of flexibility
Short processing times
Low energy requirement
Highest quality

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MasterConch Sizes

Depending on the model, product batches up to 12,000 kg can be  processed with the enclosed, space-saving MasterConch.

ModelBatch size [kg]Space requirement [m2]
MasterConch 300100 - 300approx. 3
MasterConch 1500800 - 1,500approx. 5
MasterConch 30001,800 - 3,000approx. 8
MasterConch 60003,600 - 6,000approx. 10
MasterConch 120007,500 - 12,000approx. 13

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