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Ψ-Mix® Inline-Disperser

Revolutionary Mixing Technology for optimal Wetting

The Ψ-Mix® inline disperser combines a new dispersion method, in which the solid components are wetted on a large liquid surface, with emission- free, dust-free inline operation. The combination of vacuum dispersion, shearing and pressure wetting results in homogeneous, fine dispersions with very reproducible quality – all at high efficiency levels in a controlled process.

Because the machine is suitable for processing both low- and high-viscosity suspensions, it covers the complete spectrum of applications for dispersion technology. In addition, the design of the mixing zone makes it possible to process temperature-sensitive or dilatant materials. 

Compared to conventional rotor-stator systems, this machine uses considerably less energy to disperse your products. The Ψ-Mix® is also easy to integrate into fully-automatic production lines for the manufacture of large batches and is particularly well suited and specially adapted for emission-free and explosion-proof operation.

Especially suitable for products

with a high solids content
with a low solids content in large liquid batches
with solids that are difficult to wet 

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  • Enclosed, emission-free dispersion system in batch operation for fast wetting (inline) of powder in liquids
  • Homogeneous, high-quality pre-dispersion
  • Dosing and spraying of the solids via rotary valve and conditioning head
  • Charging from big-bag, bagged goods or silo
  • Suitable for potentially explosive areas
  • Atmosphere barrier prevents instantaneous ignition
  • Largely insensitive to foreign substances such as packaging residue
  • Problem-free large-diameter inlet for solids
  • No introduction of outside air
  • Overload prevented through controlled dosing of pigment
NETZSCH Psi-Mix® Inline-Disperser Techniquw


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NETZSCH Inline Disperser Ψ-Mix® dispersion process

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