Air Classifier for Ultrafine Products

NETZSCH´s Mistral Turbo Air Classifiers have been designed to produce ultra-fine products down to d98 < 3.5 μm on an industrial scale and a highly competitive energy consumption. 

With its strong commitment to research and development, NETZSCH introduced a whole new generation of horizontal turbo classifiers with outstanding performance. These classifiers have been creating new business opportunities and also opening emerging markets for already well established customers.

In developing the Mistral, the main objective was to achieve products of high fineness, combined with a sharp cut point at a high fines yield and a low specific energy consumption. These criterias were obtained by optimizing the dynamics of the air - flow and mechanical resistance of the rotating parts.

NETZSCH can offer an air classifier to meet your most demanding products fineness requirements. The use of sophisticated composite materials for the rotor construction has enabled us to reach tip speeds up to 108 m/s. Mistral air classifiers have been designed for the ultrafine classification of industrial minerals such as calcite, dolomite, chalk, talc, etc.

Focus on Your Advantages

  • Cut point down to d98 < 2 μm
  • Very sharp cut points with high yields
  • Production of ultra-fine particles on an industrial scale, which in the past was only achieved through wet processing
  • Cost Investment return in a very short time peroid
  • Highest throughputs on the market, for example at d98 < 3 μm on calcium carbonate – 1.000 kg/h (Mistral 510/2)
  • Rotor with hybrid-design makes the classification more reliable
  • Low maintenance costs and trouble - free maintenance
  • Double discharge reduces pressure loss and saves energy costs by over 40 %
  • Dynamic air sealing adapted to rotor speed minimizes the risk of oversize contamination (< 5 ppm at 25 μm)

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  • Dolomite
  • Soft Minerals

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