Classifier for Coarser Products

NETZSCH Ecutec´s Monsoon whizzer classifiers have been developed for very economical dedusting of granulates.

This type of classifier does not require any peripheral equipment such as fans, filters, etc. Feed enters the Monsoon classifier at a controlled rate from the top and falls onto a rotating distributor plate.

The plate disperses the product into an adjustable air stream which is generated by the internal fan. The fine products are introduced in the air stream and are carried over to the outer cone whilst the coarse particles fall down into the inner cone. The products are discharged from the bottom of the machine. This self-contained process significantly reduces investment, maintenance and operating costs.

The Monsoon classifier has been developed especially for the separation of fine products between 45-300 μm. High yields are achieved at a very low specific energy consumption. To improve screening efficiency, the Monsoon classifier can be operated prior to a screening machine. This Monsoon is used to "de-dust” the incoming material at typically 75-125 μm.

This installation will not only improve the screening efficiency, but also produce a second "fine” product.As für the abrasive products, all rotating parts as well as all parts in contact with the product can be lined with Ceramic or Polyurethane. Furthermore hardened material can be used for all wear affected parts as well. When the material to be processed is abrasive, the inlet chute and the rotating parts are either hardened or lined as appropriate.

In addition, the body itself can be lined with ceramic tiles or polyurethane if iron contamination is to be avoided.

Focus on Your Advantages

  • Cut point down to d98 < 45 μm
  • Extremely reliable and robust design
  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy and quick maintenance resulting in low repair costs
  • No peripheral equipment necessary
  • Suitable for abrasive products
  • Improves fine screening

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