Cellulose is a white substance insoluble in water, which is found in cotton in an almost pure form (up to 95%), but is primarily extracted from wood because that is most easily cultivated and processed by all cellulose suppliers.


The cellulose contained in the wood is separated out by means of so-called acid or alkaline pulping processes.

However, the resulting product is not yet in any case pure cellulose. In contrast to cotton cellulose, it still contains some percentage of polyose. At the end of the procedure, the extracted cellulose fibers are about 1-3 mm long and are pressed and dried and converted to web goods (rolls or sheets). The Linters cellulose extracted from cotton is often processed into balls as well.

In addition to paper, cellulose is used in its natural form along with fibrous raw materials and insulating materials in other applications. For these purposes it undergoes further mechanical processing through pulverization.

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