Mixing / De-Aerating

MaxShear Inline Disperser

Extreme high-shear performance

Compact enough to be included at virtually any point in your process. The self-pumping portable unit features rotor/stator based technology with multiple stator configurations available. 

Manufactured to extremely precise tolerances to eliminate product bypassing typical of other single stage dispersers. Exceptional high shear performance and powerful pumping action makes the MaxShear ideal for emulsifying and processing hard-to-wet materials.

NETZSCH MaxShear Inline Disperser Advantages

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  • Efficient and reliable
  • Compact enough to use at any point in your process
  • Self pumping action allows for use as a low pressure transfer pump, making additional process equipment redundant
  • Extreme high shear performance and powerful dispersing action generates better premixes, reducing work needed downstream
  • Changeable stator, adaptable for different requirements, e. g. mixing, homogenizing, breaking granulates or beaded powders, emulsifying
  • Low and simple maintenance

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