Dry Grinding

Sierra - Pin mill for Fine Products and Coating

ECUTEC´s Sierra Pin Mills have been developed for grinding soft and medium-hard products and for surface coating of mineral fillers.

With contra-rotating pin discs, the resultant tip speed is over 200 m/s, which enables the grinding of soft to medium and hard minerals to its highest fineness. Independent control of the speed and direction of rotation of the pin disc drives give a high degree of flexibility. An airflow through the mill assists the grinding, enables the control of product temperature and provides a medium for pneumatic transfer of the product.

As standard, the mill body is a robust, welded mild steel construction. Access on the Sierra mill is excellent and pin replacement is an easy operation procedure. The Sierra mill also represents an economical and highly efficient method of coating ultra-fine fillers with stearic acid.

Focus on Your Advantages

Fine grinding of soft and medium hard minerals
Extremely reliable and robust design
Suitable for coating applications
Pin discs counter rotation or same rotation depending on material and application requirements
Easy and quick maintenance resulting in low maintenance cost

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