Dry Grinding

Pamir - Dry Agitator Bead Mill

The Agitator Bead Mill for finest Dry-Grinding

Compared to the conventional Ball Mills, with the Pamir it is possible to obtain extremely fine products combined with very high throughput capacities at low specific energy consumption levels thanks to its operating mode and stress characteristics. Used together with NETZSCH Ecutec´s classifiers in a grinding/classifying circuit, mineral fillers with a particle size of less than 2 µm can be produced.

It is continuously feed via a rotary airlock valve. A shaft equipped with exchangeable agitator tools is mounted inside the horizontally installed grinding vessel. The grinding media which are evenly distributed in the grinding vessel are kept in constant motion by the agitator tools and the resulting shearing /pressure - and impact stress ensures a very fine grinding result with a relatively low fineness fraction. The product discharges the mill either by gravity into a conveying system or will be transported by the classifying air to a separator.

This machine can be operated on its own in a single passage or alternatively with a NETZSCH Ecutec´s Classifier. This combination puts the strengths of the Pamir to good use. The material coming from it, which is high in fineness and low in coarse followed by an inline classifier with high cutting precision, ensures the highest finenesses at low energy consumption.

The air classifier removes the fine product from the grinding circuit and the coarse product returns back to the mill together with the fresh feed. Thanks to the optimized operation mode, a low circulation load helps to obtain a specific and adjustable particle size distribution. NETZSCH Ecutec can deliver the Bead Mill as an individual machine or as a complete turnkey plant.

Focus on Your Advantages

High energy efficiency
Produces less fineness than other mills. This is quite important for porous membranes and the consumption of stearic acid
High product yields
Compact design
Open loop operation possible
High finenesses
Special separation systems permits the use of very small grinding media
Horizontal design leads to easy maintenance
High throughput capacity
Available with wear protection for abrasive products
Cooling system available for heat sensitive products

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