Dispersing & Homogenizing

Homogenizing Mixer KappaVita

For liquid to semi-solid Products

The heart of each production, the homogenizing mixer.

The quality of the homogenizing technology determines the quality of your products.

Do not agree to any compromises. NETZSCH Vakumix offers investment security right from the start.

We talk with our customers and know the problems of our customers during production. The long-time experience and thus the optimization and constant development of the NETZSCH Vakumix engineers is a part of the high quality standard of NETZSCH Vakumix Homogenizing Mixers.

The heart of the production has to work without any problems and to guarantee a constantly high product quality. Only then, you as customer will be satisfied. And only satisfied customers will recommend NETZSCH Vakumix.

And this is our aim:

“Satisfied customers“

Quality right into the detail

The quality of the KappaVita makes it possible. Productivity and flexibility reduce your production times and -costs.

For universal application of

  • Homogenizing
  • Dispersing
  • Mixing
  • Degassing

2 - 3.000 liter

NETZSCH HM 2 - 3000 liter
  • Machine with cover that is raised and lowered hydraulically
  • Pressure range: -1 to 2 bar

1.100 - 10.000 liter

NETZSCH HMS 1100 - 10000 liter
  • Machine with bolted cover
  • Pressure range: -1 to 2 bar

50 - 1.000 liter

NETZSCH VHM 50 - 1000 liter
  • Machine with cover that is raised and lowered hydraulically
  • Pressure range: -1 to ambient pressure

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  • GMP-compliant machine design
  • Scalability
  • CIP- and, optionally, SIP-capable machine design
  • All product-wetted parts in high-quality stainless steel (316L)
  • Uniform homogeneity of the vessel contents due to external circulation line
  • Stepless control of the agitator and homogenizer speeds
  • Bi-directional operation of anchor agitator with patented double-sided scraper system (EP 0761296 - HM; DE 19742648 - HMS)
  • Efficient radial and vertical mixing of the product due to special baffle positioning on the agitator
  • Homogenizer mounted at the center of the vessel bottom with multi-rim rotor/stator system
NETZSCH Homogenizing Mixer KappaVita Technique


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NETZSCH KappaVita with GammaVita

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