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Dispersing / Homogenization

NETZSCH Dispersing/Homogenization

Standard mixing tasks? We can do more! NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik achieves exceptionally homogeneous raw material mixtures, allowing economical material use of your products.

Our inline dispersers are specialists in the wetting and homogenization of the finest powders in liquids. Our Economic Dispersionizer can also guarantee extremely difficult materials through turbulence and cavitation in perfect combination with specifically-applied shearing forces and thus achieves a maximum dispersion result.


  • Batch sizes up to 1000 l
  • Viscosity range from 0.1 to 100 Pas
  • Output range: up to 1,000 t/year


  • Efficient dispersion of particle and pigment agglomerates
  • Processing of small batches
  • Closed and emission-free dispersion in batch operation for rapid wetting (in-line) of powder in liquids


  • Medium-pressure homogenizers
  • Inline dispersers

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Wet Grinding in Selb / Germany

Our specialists for the wet processing of your products are located in Selb, where a broad range of mills, mixers, kneading machines and deaerators is available for your product.