Confectionery Systems

System Rumba®

Highly Efficient Chocolate Production

Compared to other systems for the production of chocolate- and confectionery masses, the system Rumba® is characterized by reduced requirements for energy, cooling water and space as well as considerably shortened processing times, since the grinding and liquid-conching processes run simultaneously. The system Rumba® also allows you to save on cocoa butter/fats and/or lecithin.

Thanks to the modular design, the plant is laid out in exact accordance with your current needs. Future expansion of the plants is simple.

In addition to standard chocolates and current confectionery masses, you can also produce specialties such as diet chocolate or chocolate with different types of sugar and nutritive sweetener.



Rumba® stands for an innovative, unique way to make chocolate and confectionery masses. Now you're just three steps away from your own chocolate.

  • Preparation of sugar and other dry substances, such as milk and cocoa powder.
  • Melting the cocoa butter and cocoa mass, mixing and dry conching of the masses.
  • Wet conching and grinding of the chocolate mass for continuous development of aroma and flavor.
  • The agitator bead mill MasterRefiner with integrated Samba system allows the use of refined sugar up to a size of 1.5 mm.

Efficient process control guarantees the highest quality and unerring reproducibility.


Intensive dry conching with a low cocoa butter content reduces moisture content and removes undesirable odors and flavors for got-to-have-it taste and luscious aroma. Try it!

Concurrent wet conching and wet fine grinding result in homogeneous products with a very narrow particle size distribution. Let it melt in your mouth!

Final wet fine grinding in circulation or pass operation results in the desired quality with the greatest possible flexibility. Whether dark, white or brown, your chocolate will become a sought-after treat.


Focus on Your Advantages

Completely closed system
Easy Cleaning
Low energy consumption
Short processing times
Highest quality
Great flexibility

Anfrage zum Produkt

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Sizes of Rumba® production plants

 ModelMax. Batch SizeFootprint
Rumba® 750750 kg / 1,653 lb40 m2
Rumba® 15001,500 kg / 3,306 lb60 m2
Rumba® 30003,000 kg / 6,613 lb100 m2
Rumba® 60006,000 kg /13,227 lb120 m2

Our experts will be happy to help you with the planning and realization of your specific requirements. A production process perfectly tailored to your needs will ensure the quality and reproducibility of your product.



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