Confectionery Systems

System MasterCream

Pre-cutting-system - flexibility and quality for confectionery raw materials and rework

The MasterCream was developed for the flexible and efficient refining of confectionery raw materials such as nuts as well for the reprocessing of rework.

Whether integrated into NETZSCH  Rumba® or Salsa® plants, into your existing line or as a stand-alone machine – the NETZSCH MasterCream is an optimal complement to your production.

The pre-ground paste of nuts or rework can directly transported to a process tank for further processing.

The combination of the pre-cutting unit and a horizontal agitator bead mill for fine grinding allows the production of premium products like nut creams or rework pastes.

Reduced and closed machinery components, equipped with optimized grinding technology, lead to low processing temperatures (40°C to 50°C) and an improved flavor profile of your product but also to longer storage life.


Powerful grinding performance
Variable speed and grinding tool adjustment
Low temperature processing
Short residence time of product
Compact and cleanable design

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Datos Técnicos 

The throughput capacities vary as a function of the product and the desired end fineness.

 ModelPower [kW]Throughput capacity [kg/h]*
MasterCream 1017200 - 750
MasterCream 2030500 - 1500
MasterCream 30551000 - 4000

* for whole hazelnuts


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NETZSCH MasterCream - Food Applications

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NETZSCH MasterCream - Confectionery Applications

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