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NETZSCH Vakumix GmbH, Bremen / Germany

General Information

In February 2014 the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing of the NETZSCH Group purchased the business of the company “VAKUMIX Rühr- und Homogenisiertechnik AG” and is going to resume the business activities as of March 1, 2014. With this step the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing expands their product range in the field mixing, dispersing and homogenizing.

Under the new name “NETZSCH Vakumix GmbH” business will be continued from the current premises in Weyhe-Dreye near Bremen in Lower Saxony. The company “VAKUMIX Rühr- und Homogenisiertechnik AG” had been founded there back in 1995. The product range comprises customized systems like mixers, homogenizers, homogenizing mixers and process systems from the laboratory size up to a complete production plant. The machines are mainly used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food applications.


The road to success leads via NETZSCH Vakumix technology.

Because we at NETZSCH Vakumix are working on best solutions for your production and on best innovation for the quality and manufacture of your products.

Such that you are able to produce economically and to meet the constantly rising quality requirements of the market, our design engineers and process engineers developed a series of solutions which are of advantage to you in competition when you are producing your products.

  • robust machine design
  • high range of performance of the agitator and the homogenizer
  • short production times
  • high productivity with high quality of your products at the same time
  • effective and short CIP processes
  • automatic process management and its control
  • continuous and GAMP conform documentation

The longtime experience of our employees in practice is also of assistance to you to find the optimum technology for your task.

The head office in Weyhe-Dreye, located directly at the outskirts of Bremen, enables our national and international customers an easy journey.

Here, NETZSCH Vakumix GmbH manufactures for many customers from the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Plan your next plant with NETZSCH Vakumix, you will benefit from it, as we do not make any compromises in quality, performance, productivity and functionality.


You want more than just a vendor and our aim is more than just to supply a machine.

In a mutual partnership, we have far more possibilities to cope with the rising requirements of the market and thus to have influence on the success, the quality and on an economic production of your products.  

NETZSCH Vakumix offers its customers the investment security right from the start, as NETZSCH Vakumix always has the ideal solution for you, more than just a machine.

Talk to us! Thus we get to know your actual wishes and demands. Then, we will select different specialists from the individual divisions of the company to an effective project group and work out the best and most sensible solution for your company.

We provide our support to you in all necessary fields:

Research and Development
A laboraty equipped with different mixing and homogenizing plants is available for our customers. Here, you can test our performace and our quality as well as develop/test under GMP conditions or you can even produce small amounts.

Planning and Design
Together with our engineer team, you can plan your plant. Investment security right from the start has top priority at NETZSCH Vakumix. We take over your planning, even before large investments have been made and we show ideal ways and solutions for your requirements. Profit from the advantage “All from one source“, as we offer a comprehensive engineering with know-how of the whole production.

NETZSCH Vakumix is not “only“ able to plan, but also to manufacture. Because we know the possibilities which are feasible. Already in the planning phase, we recognize the difference between wish and feasibility and thus reduce costs right from the start.

Even before manufacturing and supply, our specialists for the After-Sales-Service are integrated into the project. Their experiences reduce follow-up costs and secure you a production without problems.

Purchasing Department
Benefit from the experience of our purchasing department with world-wide contacts. We will be happy to support you with the search for suitable suppliers.

Naturally, the NETZSCH Vakumix Sales will assist you during the whole transaction. We will also be of assistance with all other problems. Please contact us and we will try to help you.

Plan your next plant with NETZSCH Vakumix, you will profit from it, as we do not make any compromises in quality, performance, productivity and functionality.

Quality Management

Your way to success leads via the quality and the performance of the NETZSCH Vakumix technology.

Because we at NETZSCH Vakumix always focus on the quality and the performance of our machines.

Our customers recommend NETZSCH Vakumix because...

  • NETZSCH Vakumix supplies powerful process technology for your task.
  • NETZSCH Vakumix supplies powerful homogenizing technology.
  • NETZSCH Vakumix supplies powerful mixing technology.
  • The products produced on NETZSCH Vakumix plants have a high quality.
  • NETZSCH Vakumix manufactures productive plants.
  • NETZSCH Vakumix plants have only little maintenance requirements.
  • NETZSCH Vakumix supplies high quality and advantageous technology.

Quality control and certifications by NETZSCH Vakumix:

NETZSCH Vakumix has the following authorizations:

  • Approval of the quality management system acc. to ISO 9001

Plan your next plant with NETZSCH Vakumix, you will profit from it, as we do not make any compromises in quality and functionality.

  • We meet the highest standards
  • Our plants meet the national and international regulations and standard design tests acc. to the European Explosion Proof Regulation ATEX
  • Pressure Vessel Approvals for our national and international customers

ATEX compliant plants

The new ATEX-Directive rules the resposibility and the design of the plant parts.

The operator of the plant is responsible for the allocation of the zone classification.

The lawmaker transferred the responsibility of the EEx-conformity to the owner of the plants by means of the new ATEX-Directive.

However, zone 0 means that all electrical and mechanical / dynamical installations used in the vessel have to be carried out according to ATEX Zone 0.

Zone 0 means that one “notified body“ (PTB, TÜV etc.) must test the use of all installed parts / fittings / agitators / pumps / sensors. These units have to be undergone to a EU-design test, that is that all electrical and mechanical / dynamical parts installed in the vessel must be carried out according to ATEX Zone 0.

Only such units / plants are allowed which have an EU-design test certificate or the evidence has to be provided that there are no ignition sources.

It is not sufficient that the gear motor, e. g. for an agitator, is supplied with an EU-design test certificate.

The evidence has to be brought that neither electric charging nor any ignition sources can come up at rotating parts / seals / agitator / scraper system and that defined flow velocities are kept. This has to be guaranteed with control units which have also to be proved with EU design test.
Thus the whole agitator subassembly has to be undergone an ATEX hazard analysis, such that an EU design test certificate can be issued.

NETZSCH Vakumix performs EU-design test as single test for the following components:

  • Agitator KappaVita
  • Homogenizers / Circulation Agitators LambdaVita
  • Control Equipment for LambdaVita

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Tel.: +49 421 8 49 56-0
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