Confectionery Systems

System Zumba

For the Processing of Nuts & Oilseeds

NETZSCH Line Zumba

Using the combination of the proven advanced technologies of the MasterCream and the MasterRefiner, our Zumba line is the perfect solution to process pure roasted nuts and oilseeds. This compact system reaches the highest product quality with regards to the taste, appearance and rheological parameters. 

  • Start with roasted nuts or oilseeds
  • Moisture content ≤ 2%
  • Low processing temperatures, ≤ 45°C according to the product
  • Fineness down to 20 µm in one pass operation, e.g. vegetable milk

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NETZSCH Line ZumbaPlus   

Our ZumbaPlus is an upgraded version of the Zumba line, with one additional drying step between the pre-grinding and fine-grinding, it is possible to start from unroasted nuts and oilseeds and obtain a product without the color and taste changes during the roasting process. The integration of the MasterConch into the Zumba line results in an energy saving process when roasting is not required, and an industrial solution for an unroasted nut butter of the highest quality.

  • Start with up to 8% moisture
  • Final product with a moisture of 0,5%, higher shelflife
  • No roasting flavors, no color change
  • Product temperature < 80°C
  • Controlled drying process
  • Fineness down to 20 µm in one pass operation, e.g. vegetable milk

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