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Agroquímicos também conhecido por química da agricultura e às vezes química agrária, é um campo de pesquisa e desenvolvimento da química e, ao mesmo tempo, um ramo da produção em grandes indústrias.  

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NETZSCH Agrochemistry

São processos químicos relacionados às rações animais e alimentos para plantas, química para solo bem como pesticidas e fertilizantes. 

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NETZSCH modular Plant Design

The established modular design for NETZSCH Turn-Key-Production Plants for agrochemicals is a professional concept to bundle and structure complete and complex processes. For each process step the requested equipment will be installed in a functional group on a special defined and designed plant segment (module).

According to the process design the modules will be arranged in such a way, that the defined media flows with its connection points will fit together. In this way a turn-key-production plant can be realized in a compact layout. By adopting the core features of standard container designs existing and proven logistic concepts can easily be used.

The single process modules are completely pre-assembled in our production facilities, fitted together to the complete modular plant in real size (scale 1:1) and finalized by FAT on a fully functional production plant. The single modules, including all its equipment, will be dis-assembled again and shipped by standard transports to our customers. On site the modules can be then moved quickly into the production facilities, where the re-assembly of the modular plant will be done under NETZSCH supervision. The Start-Up of the production will take place by a simple “Turn-Key”.

Example of a Skid turnkey production line, consisting of 9 process modules including 2 Premix modules, 2 Fine-grinding modules, 2 Pre-Gel modules, 1 additive dosing module and 2 let-down and formulation modul


  • Complete production process on significantly less space
  • Clear defined interfaces for media flow and data acquisition
  • Resource savings (e.g. cleaning liquid off 90%) by logical functional groups and clear process design
  • High flexibility in product portfolio and production capacity (Plug & Produce)
  • Possibility of quick and easy conversion of the complete plant (Re-Plug & Produce)
  • Easy and cheap transport by adopted design to standardized transport concepts (Ready to use transportation units)
  • Fast operational readiness due to complete pre-installation (Ready to install production units)
  • Shortened installation and commissioning time due to early acceptance test at NETZSCH