NETZSCH G&D and Heiss MSP sign cooperation agreement

Cooperation for the production of sustainable protein concentrates from dry fractionation

The world is changing and the global food industry is changing with it. One of the critical challenges of the future is feeding the world's population, and the supply of protein in particular plays a key role in this. In this context, plant proteins are one of the most important levers for sustainable food production. Against this backdrop, there is a global trend towards plant-based proteins, which represent one of the most important levers for more sustainable food production.

Innovation through cooperation

Strong networks are the key to progress. For this reason, the two internationally successful family-owned companies NETZSCH with its Grinding & Dispersing division and Heiss MSP have signed a cooperation agreement to further develop this forward-looking area together. This enables both companies to offer their customers in the protein shifting market comprehensive process solutions and contract processing for the entire value chain.

By combining Heiss MSP's expertise in powder handling for the food sector, especially in the areas of micronizing, separating and mixing, with NETZSCH's process technology for wet and dry grinding, both companies can further develop their toll grinding processes and implement tailor-made solutions for their customers. The cooperation aims to reduce energy consumption in the processes and increase the yield of the protein-rich fraction in order to create ecological and economic added value.

Serving the needs of an expanding market

In addition to crude fiber, minerals and digestible carbohydrates, plant products used for human or animal nutrition also contain proteins. The aim of the protein shifting process is to obtain a protein-rich fraction by comminution and separation, in which the proportion of protein is significantly higher than in the starting material. Depending on the product and yield, protein contents of up to 70% can be achieved.

This process makes use of the fact that the particle size of the protein and starch grains varies greatly (starch: > 20 μm, protein: < 17 μm) and starch cannot be crushed during impact grinding without high energy input.

Fine grinding can largely separate protein and starch particles in protein-rich raw materials. As the starch granules are difficult to grind due to their structure, the protein particles are ground much finer.

Mastering the process is essential in order to achieve a sharp separation of the fractions and an optimum balance between protein content and yield.

The great advantage of this method is that the entire process takes place without the use of water or chemicals and therefore represents a sustainable, resource-saving alternative to the extraction of plant proteins.

Further expanding our strategic partnership

Various grinding and classifying systems are installed at the Heiss MSP site in Sinsheim, where contract grinding orders for food customers from all over Europe have been successfully realized for several years. As part of the partnership with NETZSCH, this plant will be further optimized in line with the latest process technology.

"With the process and application technology know-how and the experience from both specialist areas in the value chain for the further processing of sustainable vegetable proteins of all kinds, we will be able to offer the customer an excellent overall package in the future," says Robert Rosen, Managing Director of NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik GmbH in Bobingen.

Certification according to renowned food standards / Food Future

As contract service providers, both partners attach great importance to outstanding production processes. For this reason, the highest standards in the food sector are met: Heiss MSP has the renowned IFS Food (International Featured Standards Food) certification, and production in organic, kosher and halal quality is also possible. In addition to certified processes, Heiss MSP customers benefit from the latest technologies, qualified personnel and more than 300 years of experience in the food industry.

"With our expertise in the refinement of plant-based raw materials, we are the ideal partner for innovative companies in the food sector," says Michael Heiß, Managing Director of Heiss MSP. "Under the slogan 'Creating Food Future', we can carry out all steps in the scaling process for our customers, from test productions in the Technology Center to series production on our high-performance systems."

Increasing consumer demand for sustainable proteins is causing the market to grow rapidly. Through the strategic partnership – the so-called Innovation Eco-System – with Heiss MSP GmbH, NETZSCH can expand its portfolio and range for contract grinding in the field of protein shifting to create sustainable products for a sustainable world.