Stress Energy

Stress energy is the energy that is transferred from the crushing tools of a mill (in case of agitator bead mill -the grinding media) to the material to be milled. Depending on the stress process, the stress energy is the energy that is transferred to the material by a compression, shear, cutting or impact stress.

In order to achieve comminution progress, this stress energy must exceed a minimum that is required, for example, to trigger a particle fracture or to overcome binding forces in agglomerates or aggregates. If the stress energy is too great, part of the energy is dissipated (lost for the actual comminution process). This means that if the stress energies are too high, additional heating of the product material and wear on tools and machine parts will result.

For each grinding task, an optimal stress energy can be determined, which leads to the most energy-efficient process. The stress energy is always subject to a stress energy distribution.