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Are you looking for a contamination-free jet mill for your laboratory that can also fine classify some products? Or do you also need an additional classifier mill for certain applications? Surely two or three plant installations are not an efficient solution – the space requirement alone...

For smaller batches and lower investment costs, NETZSCH LabPilot is the solution! These single installations can quickly be adapted to practically any machine module. Depending on the amount of gas needed for operation, this can include any of the following mills or classifiers:

  • Fluidized Bed Jet Mill CGS 10
  • High-Density Bed Jet Mill ConJet® 10
  • Classifier Mill CSM 50
  • Ultra-Fine Classifier CFS 5
  • High-Efficiency Classifier CFS 5 HD-S

Truly a flexible laboratory system – with reproducible results – variable for ultra-fine grinding and classifying – for laboratory operations or the continuous production of small batches!

NETZSCH LabPilot with CGS 10
NETZSCH LabPilot with CGS 10
NETZSCH LabPilot with ConJet 10 and CFS 5 HD-S
NETZSCH LabPilot with ConJet® 10 and CFS 5 HD-S
NETZSCH LabPilot with CSM 50 and CFS 5 HD-S
NETZSCH LabPilot with CSM 50 and CFS 5 HD-S

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NETZSCH LabPilotPlant


  • Finenesses up to d97 2.5 µm (based on limestone)
  • Selection of a diversity of machine modules (laboratory classifiers or laboratory mills)
  • All machine housings are hinged
  • All machines equipped with classifier wheel with simultaneously rotating immersion tube for highest finenesses
  • Gap between classifier wheel and fines outlet rinsed by gas for highest possible prevention of oversize particles
  • Classifier shaft seal rinsed by compressed gas to protect the bearings
  • Unlimited adjustment of the final fineness
  • Even load on the classifier wheel through rotationally symmetrical construction of the machines
  • Very easy access for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reproducible results
  • Noiseless operation
  • Plants delivered ready for operation
  • Can be purchased with multiple modules – or they can be added at a later time
  • Optional designs available: pressure shock resistant, gas tight, wear protected

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