NETZSCH Application Laboratories

Paju Facility

NETZSCH Korea Co., Ltd. introduces and operates the main experimental equipment among the latest production models to actively help customers in product development and quality improvement. 

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Application Lab Paju

We can provide quality improvement and process development services closer to you with the latest equipment with long experience and new technology of our professional staff.

  • Verification experiments for product development and improvement
  • Comparative experiment for equipment purchase
  • Application experiment to improve productivity



Test machine type

Wet Grinding


  • NETZSCH MiniSeries (Beads mill)
  • NETZSCH Laboratory agitaor beads Mill LabStar (Beads mill)
  • NETZSCH Omega® 500 (Dispersionizer)
  • NETZSCH Neos, Zeta®, Discus (Beads mill)
  • NETZSCH MasterMix® 11 (Mixer)
Lab Paju
Lab Paju

Test sample volume 

MachineSample volume
NETZSCH MiniSeries (Beads mill)500 ml 
NETZSCH Laboratory agitaor beads Mill LabStar (Beads mill)3 - 7 L
NETZSCH Neos, Zeta®, Discus (Beads mill)15 - 40 L
NETZSCH MasterMix® 11 (Mixer)20 - 30 L
NETZSCH Omega® 500 (Dispersionizer)15 - 40 L
NETZSCH Fluidized Bed Jet Mill CGS 16 (Air Jet Mill)> 5 L 
NETZSCH Classifier Mill CSM 80 (Classifier Mill)> 5 L 

If you have any questions regarding test equipment or test request, 
please contact the person in charge.

Hyunbin Ju
Direct: 031-931-2363