Fine-cutting mill with rotating classifying feature – the sensational new development!

The SecoMy®® range of NETZSCH cutting mills comprises rapidly running cutting mills with a high rate of cuts for the ultrafine grinding of cuttable materials.

Application areas for this type of machine are materials, which must be finely ground by cutting, i.e. temperature-sensitive materials, fibrous products, as well as materials for which good free-flowing properties, high bulk densities and a gentle grinding are required.

The existing problems, which arose in the past when standard fine-grinding mills were used for the classifying of products to below 150 µm, have been solved with the new, recently patented „ SecoMy®®-S“ Version. Standard- fine-grinding mills are usually operated with fine screen meshes. Previously, this has led to problems with excessive temperature and durability during operation. The screen insert has now been completely replaced by the installation of a rotating classifier wheel. After cutting, the ground product is transported to the classifier wheel by air currents and then classified in this area. Coarse product falls back into the grinding chamber. The fine product leaves the machine via the pipe outlet. The classifier wheel geometry, which has already been tried and tested in other NETZSCH machines, was further optimized for the application „Separation of fibrous Products“. This technology makes the SecoMy®®-S unique on the market.

The feed product is conveyed into the cutting chamber by gravity or by a nip-roll device. The material is cut between the rotor- and stator knives of the SecoMy®®-S, which operate against each other in a special cutting sequence with a defined gap. The cutting continues until the material is fine enough to pass through the classifier wheel.

The cutting rotor is supported in precision bearings with special gasket seals to the cutting chamber.

As the product discharge is carried out pneumatically, this air can also be used for cooling purposes. In addition to this, when temperature-sensitive products are ground, a water-cooling of the machine parts is possible.

For the set-up of the machine in a complete grinding plant, apart from nip-roll devices for product on rolls, suction systems with dust filter and noise protection equipment are also available, as well as additional explosion protection components and pressure-shock resistant executions. Inertization is also possible with a gas-tight design. In this way, an ATEX-compliant installation for dust-explosive products is ensured.