Pioneering the Future of Protein Production

Innovative partnership between NETZSCH and ProteinDistillery paves the way for revolutionary protein production

NETZSCH Grinding & Dispensing, a global leader in dry and wet materials processing, and ProteinDistillery, a pioneer in the innovative production of functional protein ingredients, announce their long-term cooperation.

This partnership marks a significant step in the development of sustainable and efficient protein sources for use in the food industry.

In contrast to conventional, plant-based methods of protein extraction, which are often characterized by inherent taste, suboptimal functional properties such as texture formation and limited digestibility, ProteinDistillery's approach offers significant advantages. The microorganism-derived functional protein, Prew:tein, is characterized by neutral taste and improved texture qualities. This reduces the need for artificial additives and flavorings that are normally required to modify the taste and texture of plant-based proteins. Key benefits: Reduction in product development costs as well as higher consumer acceptance through clean-label labeling.

Since the first successful trials in 2021 and 2022, a fruitful collaboration has developed. The establishment of ProteinDistillery in December 2021 was followed by the acquisition of NETZSCH machines in summer 2023, demonstrating commitment and progress in this innovative partnership.

The joint topics focused on the value-driving process steps to optimize protein shifting and process scaling, where pronounced benefits are achieved through the use of NETZSCH technology. The positive results led to the planning of a pilot plant including further large NETZSCH machines with the aim of enabling mass production volumes with reliable and best quality.

Common goals and synergies

The partnership is based on the exchange of know-how and experience in the fields of process engineering and protein extraction. NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing contributes its expertise in the customization of protein shifting, while ProteinDistillery contributes its specialized knowledge of protein extraction and purification from microorganisms. This combination opens up new possibilities in the production of proteins from microbial biomass - with a more neutral taste, improved textural qualities and high digestibility.

Future plans and outlook

With the planned completion of the pilot plant in 2024 and the vision of a large-scale plant, NETZSCH and ProteinDistillery are setting new standards in food technology. The financing of the project underlines the long-term commitment of both parties. The cooperation not only enables the development and scaling of innovative protein products, but also promotes the exchange of market information and supports market access and marketing. Through the partnership, NETZSCH gains valuable experience in the further development of process control, while ProteinDistillery benefits from NETZSCH's technical know-how and network. This long-term partnership underlines the potential to revolutionize the food industry through innovative process technologies and sustainable use of resources.