Toll Grinding at NETZSCH


Toll Grinding at NETZSCH

NETZSCH Toll Grinding is a service enterprise with locations in Bobingen and Hanau. We operate with a state-of-the-art, diversified array of machines for mechanical processing of a wide range of materials. 

In addition to a pilot plant for product development and processing of small quantities, our laboratories off er additional state-of-the-art technologies for diverse analyses and quality assurance.

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NETZSCH Toll Processing Benefits

We ensure the highest quality in every regard.

In order to meet your needs, our service also encompasses the extremely important aspects of packaging, labeling and warehouse logistics, which are customized to your requirements by our specialists with competence, efficiency and flexibility.

We handle hazardous materials with exceptional professional responsibility.

Our Services

NETZSCH is the only supplier in the service sector that can offer the entire range of applications from dry to wet grinding including dispersing from one source. Get an impression of our services and trust in our know-how.

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Your Benefits from Toll Processing

    Working with NETZSCH provides customers with cost clarity, aiding budgeting and expense planning
    Building and maintaining production facilities can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex. Businesses can avoid these costs altogether and focus on other areas of their operations
    Using the toll grinding service eliminates staffing needs for in-house facilities, cutting labor costs and freeing up resources for other business areas.
    Another Advantage is that businesses can sidestep safety and environmental regulatory challenges, entrusting compliance management to the toll grinding company.
    The production risk shifts from the customer to the toll grinding company, offering financial protection, especially for businesses seeking to mitigate the risks tied to new product development and production.

More Benefits 

Processes and Technology

With toll grinding from NETZSCH you can be confident that we will configure the machines and equipment precisely in accordance with your product requirements andhandle your product as if it wereour own.

Because you can depend on our understanding of service, along with our decades of experience as a manufacturer of machines and equipment and our extensive process engineering know-how.

Whether the machines and plants must be inertable, low wear or low contamination, pressure shock resistant, dust ignition proof, ATEX compliant or made of a particular type of material – we can offer you the right solution.

Product examples

  • Battery masses
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Titanium dioxide
  • UV absorbers
  • Fine chemistry
  • Recycled carbon black
  • Polymers & Copolymers
  • Pigments
  • Inorganic chemical materials
  • Hazardous materials
  • Processing of dust Ex materials
  • Ceramic products
  • Cellulose


  • Jet mills
  • Fine classifiers
  • Impact mills
  • Fine-cutting mills
  • Steam jet mills
  • Classifier mills
  • Dispersers
  • Agitator bead mills
  • Peripheral instruments
  • Packaging machines

Processes and know-how

  • Fine grinding
  • Wet and dry grinding
  • Screening
  • Deagglomeration
  • Homogenization
  • Cutting
  • Analysis / Measurement
  • Testing
  • Documentation  
  • Packaging  
  • Warehousing


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Toll Grinding at NETZSCH

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Our Technologies at the Locations:

Dry Grinding and Classifying in Bobingen / Germany

Bobingen is the location of the NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik GmbH headquarters. Here we offer micronization of dry materials into the nanometer range.

Facility in Hanau
Dry Grinding and Classifying in Hanau / Germany

Our facility in Hanau specializes in micronization and the classification of dry materials. It is located directly in the Wolfgang Industrial Park.

Wet Grinding in Selb / Germany

Our specialists for the wet processing of your products are located in Selb, where a broad range of mills, mixers, kneading machines and deaerators is available for your product.