is when platelet-shaped particles are separated without changing their aspect ratio. The largest possible aspect ratio, i.e. the largest possible surface expansion with a very low thickness of the particles, can be of great importance, among other things, for fillers that are intended to achieve a barrier effect or for conductive coatings.

In special cases, however, the objective of a comminution process is also a targeted rounding, i.e. increasing the sphericity of the particles by breaking off or rubbing off superficial unevenness or roughnesses.

If, for example, such a process is then combined with a classification process, it is not only possible to change the particle shape in a targeted manner, but also to limit the upper particle size and thus to change the particle size distribution towards a monomodal product system. Furthermore, it is possible to dedust the product by means of a downstream classification and to limit the particle size distribution in its width.