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Trusted Partnerships

„Trust is the key to everything we do”

Realizing Visions Together

At NETZSCH, the value of trusted strategic partnerships cannot be overstated. Working hand in hand with our partners, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing both processes and product quality. This collaboration becomes particularly vital as we confront global challenges, venture into new markets, and present comprehensive projects as “integrated solutions”.

Innovation, quality, and partnership form the cornerstone of our approach. While our product range includes top-tier grinding machines, mixers, classifiers, production systems, pumps, and analytical equipment, as a family-owned enterprise, our aspirations go beyond manufacturing excellence. Our aim is to amalgamate resources, skills, and expertise to forge sustainable solutions collaboratively.

Our Key Factors for Successful Partnerships

Shared Goals

  • Developing new processes
  • Emphasizing sustainability
  • Tackling global challenges

Complementary Strengths

  • Allocating resources effectively
  • Pooling know-how
  • Contributing innovative ideas


Trust and Transparency

  • Encouraging open communication
  • Sharing knowledge freely
  • Exchanging information seamlessly

Long-term Perspective

  • Deepening partnerships
  • Pursuing long-term objectives together
  • Growing mutually
  • Benefiting from each other's success
  • Creating lasting value for both parties

Making Visions Tangible

In our strategic partnerships, we focus on the development and implementation of future technologies, including functional coatings, innovative materials, advanced pharmaceutical active ingredients, alternative foods, and high-performance battery technologies. 

Through the exchange of expertise and resources with our partners, we collectively bring visions to life and achieve unprecedented progress. We accomplish these goals through close collaborations with industry partners, institutes, as well as colleges and universities, aiming to consolidate and advance knowledge and experiences.

Together We Are Strong

Our strategic partnerships form the foundation for success and advancement across numerous fields. We firmly believe that true innovation, capable of sustainably improving our world, arises from collaboration, dedication, and the sharing of knowledge.

Our Partners 

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