NETZSCH emloyee leaning against machine

Продукты и Решения

Мельницы для сухого измельчения 

Мы лучший партнер в области сухого измельчения!

От A (активированный уголь) дo Z (цинк) - для любого материала мы можем предложить наилучшее решение.

Наш собственный опыт в измельчении и разработке оборудования для тонкого или сверхтонкого измельчения или резания позволит вам получать продукцию любой требуемой дисперсности.

Также мы предлагаем высокоэффективные классификаторы для обработки сверхтонких порошков.

От базовых блоков мельниц тонкого помола до измельчающих линий под ключ; включая взрывозащиту и без неё, герметичные установки с прочностью к взрывным избыточным давлениям до 10 бар и установки для измельчения в атмосфере инертного газа; любые материалы узлов и варианты изготовления от чугуна до нержавеющей стали (в том числе с электрополировкой), или защитой от износа. Мы предлагаем отличное решение для любой задачи!

NETZSCH Dry Grinding Solutions

Impact Mills

In general, rotary impact mills are used for the grinding of soft products to products with medium-hardness (up to hardness 3 on Mohs scale) with a fineness of several mm down to a one-digit µm-range. These mills are equipped with a rapidly-running rotor with suitable grinding tools around which grinding tracks, screens or counter-rotating pins are used as an impact partner.

Jet Mills

In jet mills the size-reduction of particles is carried out in a gas jet. The grinding gas (air or argon) is guided into the grinding chamber and accelerated in such a way, that product particles are carried along in the gas flow and impact against each other. Size-reduction is autogenous and contamination is therefore low. Jet mills are predestined for grinding dry- and very hard materials to obtain a particle fineness in a range of  0.1 µm to 100 µm.

Bead Mills

There are numerous application areas which demand a high fineness at high throughput capacities with a low energy consumption, especially in the area of dry grinding. For this reason, it was important for NETZSCH to transfer the globally tried and tested agitator bead mill technology to dry-grinding and to complement the triumph of the IsaMill in wet-grinding in the mining sector with the dry agitator bead mill.

Cutting Mills

Cutting mills are used to grind and homogenize medium-hard to soft and elastic materials. In this process the material is ground by shearing forces using rotary- and stator knives. As a rule, the material is fed into the machine from above, it falls onto the rotor and is ground between rotor- and fixed cutting knives.

Laboratory Plants

NETZSCH laboratory plants are setting new benchmarks as regards operating convenience, compactness and flexibility. Depending on the application, these plants are rounded off with fluidized bed jet mills, high density bed jet mills, classifier mills and impact mills, as well as fine-classifiers and high-performance fine classifier.