NETZSCH Business Partner


The partnership between NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing and ProteinDistillery marks a significant step forward in developing sustainable and efficient protein sources for use in the food industry. 

Unlike traditional plant-based protein extraction methods, which are often characterized by inherent taste, suboptimal functional properties like texture development, and limited digestibility, ProteinDistillery's approach offers significant benefits. The functional protein, Prew:tein, derived from microorganisms, features a neutral taste and enhanced texture qualities. This reduces the need for artificial additives and flavors typically required to adjust the taste and texture of plant proteins. Key benefits include reduced product development costs and higher consumer acceptance due to "clean-label" labeling.

Since the initial successful trials in 2021 and 2022, a fruitful collaboration has emerged. Following the establishment of ProteinDistillery in December 2021, the acquisition of NETZSCH machines in the summer of 2023 showcased the commitment and progress in this innovative partnership.

The collaboration focused on value-driving process steps to optimize protein shifting and scaling processes, where significant benefits were achieved through the use of NETZSCH technology. The positive results have led to plans for a pilot plant that includes additional large NETZSCH machines, aiming to enable mass production volumes with reliable and top quality.

Shared Goals and Synergies

The partnership is founded on the exchange of know-how and experiences in process engineering and protein extraction. 

NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing contributes its expertise in the customized adjustment of protein shifting, while ProteinDistillery provides its specialized knowledge on protein extraction and purification from microorganisms. This collaboration opens up new avenues in the production of proteins from microbial biomass – featuring a more neutral taste, enhanced texture qualities, and high digestibility.

Matthias Kapp

„We, at NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing, are highly motivated and excited to work on such a crucial challenge for our world alongside the dynamic team at ProteinDistillery! Given ProteinDistillery's successes, we now have the opportunity to make our contribution and, as machine manufacturers, we see diverse opportunities.“

Matthias Kapp
Vice President Business Field Food & Pharma

Company Profile

ProteinDistillery is committed to leading the second wave of alternative protein products, aiming to elevate plant-based options to the same level as their animal counterparts in terms of taste, texture, and nutritional value. Our mission is to be a trailblazer in providing high-quality protein that excels in both functionality and nutritional benefits. Our flagship product, Prew:tein, stands out for its versatile functionality and health advantages. We specialize in converting previously unused by-products, including brewery waste, into functional, high-quality ingredients. This process not only enhances food quality but also encourages producers to replace synthetic additives with a single, natural ingredient, setting a new standard for "Clean-Label" products. Awarded as Germany's most sustainable startup in 2023 (NEA Award), ProteinDistillery is paving the way for a more sustainable food industry.

Our core product, Prew:tein, derived from the microorganism yeast from breweries, enables food manufacturers to create authentic plant-based alternatives to animal products, while minimizing or even eliminating additives. Prew:tein's unique property is its unparalleled functional versatility in potential applications, such as serving as a binder in meat alternatives or a foaming agent in baked goods.

The close proximity to machinery manufacturers, such as their esteemed partner NETZSCH (NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH), allows the young company to consistently implement the latest technical innovations. This enables PD to remain a pioneer in the process engineering of yeast proteins.

Founded in 2021 by Christoph Pitter, Marco Ries, Prof. Dr. Tomas Kurz, and Michael Baunach, and headquartered in Esslingen with offices in Berlin, ProteinDistillery leads innovation in the food industry with a dedicated team of over 20 professionals. We are at the forefront of sustainable and plant-oriented food solutions.