Pharma Seminar

Micronization and Nanonization of Pharmaceutical Substances

The majority of approved pharmaceutical substances exhibit poor solubility in the human body. By reducing the particle size and thereby increasing the surface area of the active ingredient particles, the dissolution rate and thus the bio-availability can be significantly increased.

This then means that the same effect can be achieved with smaller amounts of active substance, but with fewer side effects. In the pharmaceutical industry, terms for comminution such as micronization and nanoization have become established. Agitator bead mills are primarily used for the process of wet grinding. The costs for the development of a suitable formulation for new products or a production method for generics are primarily driven and determined by the price of the active ingredient itself. A reduction of the development costs can be achieved through a deep understanding of the effect of different process parameters.

In the „Micronization and Nanonization of Pharmaceutical Substances“ seminar, the essential operating parameters will be discussed and presented in a logical context. Possible solutions for process optimization will be shown. The process will be considered holistically, from cleaning and sterilization to predispersion and micronization, through to bottling. It will then be shown how a process developed on a laboratory scale can be transposed to an actual production scale.


Target Group

  • Research and Development
  • Process Design
  • As well as operators of machines already in operation


Content of the Seminar

  • Presentation of the Business Unit NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing
  • Characterizing the success of the comminution
  • Terms and definition
  • Overview of the grinding media-free dispersion systems – mixing, wetting and dispersing
  • Overview of NETZSCH grinding systems, agitator bead mills
  • Effect of different process parameters
  • Model of the load energy and the number of impacts
  • Effect of the dwell time distribution
  • Grinding media selection and scale-up
  • Calculation – from laboratory to production scale
  • Limits of wet grinding
  • True comminution and gentle dispersion
  • Discussion


Seminar Information

  • Duration of the course: 2 days
  • Attendance: approx. 10
  • Course charge contains: 2 overnight stays with breakfast Catering during the event Lunch / dinner
  • Seminar documents Fee: EUR 1,500.00 + VAT

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  • Pharma Seminar
    10.09.2024 – 11.09.2024
    Weyhe-Dreye, Germany

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