NETZSCH Business Partner


In view of the rapid increase in global demand for plant-based proteins, especially from sources such as soybeans, wheat, peas, and regional crops such as field beans, both companies have developed their processes in recent years to set new standards in efficiency and throughput.

In a remarkable move to strengthen their global presence and market penetration, the two renowned companies have joined forces to be present in the most important global markets through their production facilities and service centers. This not only ensures nationwide availability, but also guarantees that customers benefit from the familiar and valued service philosophy of both companies - from the initial contact through to successful commissioning.

Christian Kling, Director Business Development for Alternative Protein Solutions at ANDRITZ, is enthusiastic about the partnership: „The market for alternative proteins shows great potential, and we are pleased to have found a partner in NETZSCH that will accompany and strengthen our vision. The field of alternative proteins is an exciting market but moving from lab to industrial scale can be challenging. ANDRITZ – as the trusted partner on your side – not only has the production technology but also helps customers speed up commercialization and bridge the gap to full-scale production. With a history of 170 years, we have been engineering and implementing solutions for many industries including food and feed for decades.”

Shared Goals and Synergies

The collaboration will bring together NETZSCH’s expertise in fine grinding and subsequent classifying to extract a protein-rich fraction, with ANDRITZ extensive expertise in key processes such as conditioning, extraction, dewatering, drying, extrusion, and pelleting complemented by advanced process automation and a first-class global service offering.

Tailor-made process solutions include conceptual design, process engineering, implementation, automation, and maintenance of turn-key plants, as well as trials in the laboratories. By combining expertise and resources, market challenges can be addressed more quickly, and innovative solutions provided.

Another key aspect of this alliance is the commitment to energy efficiency. The companies provide innovative technologies and processes that enable a significant reduction in energy consumption and thus create both ecological and economic added value.

Matthias Kapp

„With NETZSCH-developed innovative milling and classifying processes, we are responding to the pressing needs of the food industry and supporting more sustainable and efficient food production. Our focus is to further develop through our technology with ANDRITZ to improve the quality and availability of plant-based protein sources to meet the growing global demand.“

Matthias Kapp
Vice President Business Field Food & Pharma

Company Profile

ANDRITZ Separation provides mechanical and thermal technologies as well as services and the related automation solutions for solid/liquid separation, serving the chemical, environmental, food, and the mining and minerals industries. The customized, innovative solutions focus on minimizing the use of resources and achieving highest process efficiency, thus making a substantial contribution towards sustainable environmental protection.