Notify – NETZSCH Machine Monitoring in Real Time

Notify is a software solution with which “real time monitoring” of machine and process parameters, i.e. a display in real time on a computer, mobile phone or tablet, is possible.

With Notify, the operator or plant manager can get an overview of the operating status of the machine from anywhere at any time. With the appropriate authorization, threshold values or limit values can be set that define a critical operating state.

Notify then sends “notifications” to defined recipients so that the machine operator can intervene in the process before it shuts down.

Notify is independent of the operating system of the end device.

The only prerequisite is an internet connection and a corresponding connection to the machine via a gateway, which is included with NETZSCH machines equipped with the latest IRIS control system.

Your Benefits at the Glance:

  • Fewer operators required per mill
  • Less downtime due to faster response times for maintenance work
  • Improvement in production output through prevention of downtime
  • More transparency of machine activity for management