chemical industry

Research & Development, Teaching

For research and development in industrial as well as academic environments you need reliable results. When scaling up from laboratory to production scale, the reproducibility of very small product batches is just as important as reliable predictions and calculations. 

You can rely on our well-proven laboratory machines, whether for basic research, quality control and assurance, product and formulation development or process optimization.

Dependable technology, easy handling and serviceability are their main strengths of our machines. Thanks to the very small product batches, you can carry out many tests in a short period of time with minimal product loss and obtain meaningful results even with finenesses into the nanometer range. You save both time and expense with your basic research or product development and need only concentrate on your scientific problems.


我们提供的不仅仅是高质量的产品,还有一对一的咨询服务, 让我们一起创造高品质项目。


Mixing and De-Aerating

Products & Solutions in the field of Mixing and De-Aerating