Wet Grinding


Modern and intuitive control concept with multitouch display

Based on a 12" color graphic display with multi-touch function, NETZSCH Iris facilitates monitoring and control of the process sequence.

In addition to intuitive adjustment of the machine operating parameters, other functions such as batch logging and formulation management, energy consumption estimation, machine availability display, preventive and operational maintenance control as well as historical data combined with real production time and trend graphics are available.

An integrated error management system provides instructions and help for problem solving.

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  • Easy and intuitive
  • Comprehensive data acquisition, analysis and provision via windows-based PC terminal
  • High Connectivity of the process system (data connection)
  • Operation via PC terminal with 12” multi-touch display*
  • Operation description on the terminal
  • Expanded user rights management
  • Secure and future-oriented industrial software solution
  • Multi-language function

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  • Mill ON / OFF
  • Stepless speed adjustment of the agitator shaft via a frequency converter
  • Select FLUSH / RUN
  • Emergency stop
  • Input of calculation parameters:
    • batch size
    • (desired number of circuits)
    • No-load characteristic
  • Optional selector switch for remote operation (via HMI)
  • Pump ON / OFF
  • Stepless speed adjustment of the pump via a frequency converter (for electromechanically driven pumps)


  • Indicator for speed [min-1] and agitator shaft peripheral speed [m/s]
  • Display of kW (no-load), kW (net) and kW (total), kWh counter for recording the energy input
  • Sealing fluid temperature indicator
  • Pump speed indicator
  • Display of product temperature via a temperature sensor
  • Display of product pressure via a pressure sensor
  • Display of product pressure via a mananometer
  • Product throughput indicator (flow meter required)


Monitoring of process values with shut-off / alert function

  • MAX product pressure
  • MAX product temperature
  • Process end
  • MIN sealing fluid pressure
  • MAX sealing fluid temperature X
  • MIN sealing fluid level
  • “Refill” sealing fluid

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Operation Panel

Control and Setting your Process Parameter on three different operation panels 


Improve your Process

History function

  • Log list of all past alarms and warnings
  • Ranking of alarms within a defined period of time
  • Display of the historical process parameters as a process line diagram
  • Presentation of the process values on a dashboard, when the machine comes to a stopp due to an error
  • Chronological list of the last 30 batches and detailed display of the production parameters
  • Availability display for machine utilization including maintenance times

Maintance function

  • Display of preset or customer-specific maintenance intervals, which regularly informs the user about relevant and important maintenance dates
  • Detailed display of the maintenance message for the affected machine components as well as progress bars since the last maintenance
  • PLC status indicator for firmware, communication status, etc.

Formulation Management

  • Formulation management for the input of up to 99 formulations, each with individual machine parameters depending on the product-dependent production process:
  • Input of preset values (mill/pump speed, pressure and temperature limits, capacity limits)
  • The machine is automatically ramped up to these process values at startup

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