Прикладные лаборатории NETZSCH

Прикладная лаборатория в г. Ханау

Прикладные лаборатории в г. Ханау, которые были модернизированы в соответствии с последними техническими требованиями и доступны для проведения тестов с клиентами, являются частью комплексного сервисного предложения бизнес-подразделения Измельчение и Диспергирование.

Наряду с руководством, отделами разработки, технологии обработки и продаж на головном предприятии NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH в Ханау-ам-Майне (Германия) находится одна из самых современных прикладных лабораторий в области технологии измельчения и классификации. 

В этой лаборатории сухого измельчения и классификации компания NETZSCH тестирует продукты для измельчения и/или переработки с целью получения оптимального помола. Эти испытания могут быть проведены как в лаборатории, так и в масштабе пилотного производства.

Прикладная лаборатория в г. Ханау

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In 2015 the test lab in Hanau was extended to include a FoodLab for tests under conditions compliant with the food industry.

There are two test rooms in this laboratory. Each can be seen from a meeting room through a large connecting window and both are separated from the visitor- and staff areas via a hygiene sluice. In addition to this there is a room containing measuring technology which is equipped with the standard laboratory measuring devices.

In the smaller test room, a laboratory plant with NETZSCH Fluidized Bed Jet Mill type CGS (with interchangeable High Density Bed Jet Mill ConJet® or standard classifier CFS modules) is installed for basic feasibility analyses for finest applications.

In the larger test room, a pilot plant for dry-grinding equipped with an Impact Mill of type Condux® (with interchangeable Classifier Mill CSM module) is installed. As well as the pilot plant, an Impact Mill of type _Condux for grinding sugar in compact execution is also installed in this room. This machine is fixed on castors and can be installed underneath the platform for gravimetrical dosing. All test machines in this test room are ATEX compliant with an inner zone 20.

At the product inlet and discharge zone 21 is specified. All product contacting parts are in 1.4401 or in a material of an even higher quality and their surfaces are Ra < 0.8 µm polished. The processing air for the grinding plant is taken from outside via a suction filter and heat exchanger. With this equipment it is possible to cool the air, separate out water and if required the grinding air temperature can be regulated after drying.

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Customers are strongly encouraged to be present at tests.

In this way we can work directly with the customer to guarantee that the tests are carried out exactly according to their requirements and specifications. After completion of the tests the customer is provided with a comprehensive test report showing the results and the final product is returned according to the customer´s instructions.