Высокотехнологичные компоненты

Whether at home or on the move. in the office or even in production, parts and components made of high-tech ceramics can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. 

Where other materials reach their limits, high-tech ceramics are employed. Hardness, wear resistance and temperature resistance are the properties that matter. 

But it is precisely these properties that demand top performance from our production machines. For this reason. the machines must always be specially adapted to the particular requirements as well. e.g., purity, hardness or wear protection. Wet mills in this area are lined with either PU or ceramic, depending on the solvent used. NETZSCH dry mills are also suitable as pre-mills for larger quantities. 

Deaerators, such as our DeAerator, reduce the amount of air in ceramic slurries in order to achieve a better sintering result.

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