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Control & Data Acquisition Systems

Control and Optimize your Productionprocess

NETZSCH offers you solutions for maximum efficiency and process reliability for your machines and systems from a single source. The focus here is on product safety, a smooth production process and therefore consistently reproducible product quality. This is guaranteed by control and data acquisition systems that are quick to understand visually and intuitive to operate.

NETZSCH PremiumGraphicControl

Full control – at a glance

NETZSCH PremiumGraphicControl is the innovative solution for your machine and plant control system. At the heart of every NETZSCH plant, be it a mill or a classifier, the control system is the indispensable 'brain' that ensures optimum performance. Our newly designed, user-friendly control system takes your process control to a higher level. Based on the reliable Siemens S7-1500 controller and integrated with the Siemens PLC, the NETZSCH Premium Graphic Control enables easy control and overview of your equipment.

NETZSCH Smart Mass Flow Control

Easy optimization of machine performance

NETZSCH Smart Mass Flow Control allows you to continuously record and optimize the throughput and energy consumption of your systems, such as mills or separators. It guarantees up-to-the-second monitoring and helps you to ensure reproducibility and product quality.

Especially in fluidized bed counter jet mills, stable process control is essential for consistent end products. NETZSCH offers an innovative solution for this: a load cell system that can also be integrated into existing systems. This system ensures mechanically and pressure-independent dosing and supplies continuous data to the control system without influencing the dosing itself. Experience a new dimension of intelligent process control with NETZSCH, which makes your production systems more efficient and more powerful.

Process Control and Process Optimization

Linking the NETZSCH machine enables the acquisition and storage of various process data from your machine. With the databank-based, web-browser-controllable tool, process data are continuously recorded, pre-processed and encrypted in XML files on a central server via a VPN network. With the appropriate access authorization, you and your product specialists can view, analyze and export the data from any network-capable PC. This provides you with indications of relevant changes in your production process, allowing you to draw conclusions about effects on the production quality. Through the evaluation of process data over an extended period of time, you can better plan the optimization of your production processes, maintenance and service work and get details on production and shutdowns as well as their possible causes.

NETZSCH Connect s-Jet - Screenshot

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