Wet Grinding

DeltaVita® 1

Wet grinding with smallest amounts 
Viable, simple, efficient

When faced with developing a nanoformulation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), innovative strategies and laboratory equipment in the early stages are essential to the success of your project.  The possibility to extensively screen the product formulations in a fast and economical way is one of the most important steps in bringing your product through the development phase.

The dual centrifuge DeltaVita®® is based on the further development of a classical centrifuge.  In contrast to a conventional centrifuge rotor, the rotor is equipped with two rotary plates at a specific angle to allow for the proper rotation of the grinding media in the sample vessels to reduce the particle size similar to agitator bead mills.  

The sample vessels are 2 ml Twist-Top Vials - the ideal vessel for formulation development in the context of nano-grinding - as well as 10 ml injection vials, 15 ml and 50 ml FalconTubes or for 125 ml beakers are currently available as standard.


  • Nano grinding: Production of nano-suspensions
  • Homogenization - Production of liposomes or emulsions
  • Mixing of difficult mixable materials, e.g. high viscous components
  • Improving of mixing processes

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  • Small batch sizes: Batch size with 0.1 -1 g API
  • Flexibility:
    • Different sizes of grinding chambers available
    • Suitable for grinding media up to 2 mm
  • Screening: Test up to 40 samples at one time
  • Scale-up: Similar results on all sizes of the DeltaVita®®-series
  • Coolable production room

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