Mixing / De-Aerating


Inline Disperser

For the best possible wetting and dispersion of the powdered solids in liquid, the pressure differences created by the pumping and centrifugal action of the rotor are utilized. Air contained in the powder expands in the negative pressure of the suction area and the powder enters the liquid, which is pressed into the core of the powder structure in the positive pressure area of the rotor.

Powders wetted in this way can be finely dispersed with considerably less energy input. As a result, products that do not require further grinding can be manufactured with permanently reproducible quality.

Products that require further homogenization in a rotor/stator or further grinding in an agitator bead mill can be processed with optimized parameters, such as higher throughput or smaller grinding media. Here, the consistent quality of the predispersion has a positive effect on the reproducibility of the grinding result.

That is why the EpsilonVita can be combined with the GammaVita, KappaVita and LambdaVita model series as System Vita.

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Minimal heating of product
Minimal input of shear forces
Deaeration of the product after addition of powder
Time savings through efficient and effective dispersion of powder
High degree of availability

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