NETZSCH Application Laboratories

Terrassa/Barcelona Facility

In any step of the project, the client has the possibility to test our machines with their product, as well as to know its viability, to better define the machine and extrapolations or to optimize the current process.

We adapt to your needs and we also offer you various possibilities.

Some mills can be tested in the customer's own facilities, with the flexibility of having the machine at home, saving on travel and product shipments.

For quick and initial tests, we can also carry out small trials in our laboratories located in Terrassa.

And of course in the laboratories and pilot plants of our headquarters in Germany, where you can find all the machine models available, together with the best and most advanced tools for the analysis of results.

Regardless of the place where the tests are carried out, own personnel of NETZSCH España, S.A.U is totally involved in the tests, coordinating, following the evolution and analyzing together with you the obtained results.

We are with you from beginning to end.