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Rapid Locking System for Filter and Cyclones

The newly developed rapid locking system reduces maintenance times required for opening and closing of the flange connection between raw- and clean gas chamber to a minimum.

For a filter plant with a filter area of e.g. 75 m2, the loosening of 40 clamp screws takes around 35 minutes. After cleaning, these clamps must be carefully tightened again to prevent penetration of dust into and around the clean gas chamber. NETZSCH SmartLock shortens the opening- and closing time for each flange connection to less than 2 min. Thanks to the easy handling, operating errors are practically eliminated and at the same time standstill times for maintenance- and cleaning work are reduced significantly.

When pressure is applied to the sealing, the flange connection is pressed against the clamping bracket, the filter is sealed outwards and the area between raw- and clean gas chamber separated. Thanks to the possibility of setting various charging pressure values of the sealing, the system can be used in vacuum areas from 0.65 bar(abs) as well as up to 11 bar(abs) overpressure.

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NETZSCH SmartLock is used for the following applications:

  • Round filter
  • Rectangular filter
  • Separation flanges of cyclones
  • Also for pressure shock resistant executions

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