World Debut on the Dispersion Technology Market 


With the Epsilon, NETZSCH introduces a totally new solution for producing homogeneous dispersions in an inline process with reproducible quality, even for shear-sensitive products. The dispersion process takes place in an atmospherically sealed chamber and is therefore dust and emission free. 

Dispersion Technology 

The dispersion of fine-grained, powdered solids in liquids is an essential step in the production process for a wide variety of suspension with speed and energy efficiency. There are various technical solutions through which this process step can be realized. Key factors here are the deagglomeration of particles and the wetting of the particle surfaces. During dispersion with a dissolver, the surface of the agglomerate is first wetted; then the inner structure of the agglomerate is opened by means of shearing. This treatment is more than adequate for many dispersion processes.  

The practically ideal wetting of the individual particle surfaces with very low specific energy input and under significantly lower shearing force is achieved by following the patented Mechano-Venturi principle. Applying this principle, NETZSCH developed the Y-Mix® inline mixing system at the turn of the millennium. Today it is the ultimate in highly-automated production systems with larger product batches. Production rates of up to 10 t/h can be realized with the Y-Mix ® using a very low installed motor power of 45 – 75 kW. Up to now, similar production rates had only been achieved with special rotor-stator systems. However, in many cases these cannot be used due to the very high shear stresses.

A new Solution with many Advantages 

With the newly-developed Epsilon inline disperser, NETZSCH has managed to completely fill the void that existed between the very universal dissolver and the Y-Mix ®.      

Internally, the NETZSCH Epsilon has no narrow gaps or static components through which the product must be pumped. So, in contrast to classic rotor-stator-based inline dispersion systems, high shear stresses are avoided and shear-sensitive products can be dispersed gently. With its new and unique operating principle, the Epsilon inline disperser guarantees sustained reproducibility of product quality. The required energy input is low, reducing product heating to a minimum. The dispersion process takes place in an atmospherically sealed chamber and is therefore dust and emission free. The Epsilon is not sensitive to foreign particles (fibers, pieces of cutter blades, etc.) and the product-wetted components are highly durable.  

The new, patented Epsilon inline disperser stands out for its relatively small footprint and safe, easy handling during operation, cleaning and maintenance. The machine is delivered with software that prevents operational errors. The process housing and powder feed to the machine are designed such that they can be dismantled, cleaned and reinstalled quickly by one person if necessary. The machine can also be emptied completely with minimal effort. This is an important factor for frequent product changes during which contamination must be avoided. Depending on the bulk material properties of the powder, the Epsilon inline disperser can be operated with different feeding fixtures for powders or solids.  

New and unique 

NETZSCH will introduce the new Epsilon for the first time at this year’s POWTECH in Nuremberg along with two other true world debuts: the NETZSCH SpheRho®®® – a dry agitator bead mill – and the NETZSCH SmartRemoval – and innovative hose replacement system that revolutionizes the exchange of filter hoses and baskets for Side Removal filters.