Protection from Impurities and Bacteria 

NETZSCH Confectionery stands for safety in the production process thanks to closed CIP-capable systems

Foreign particles such as plastic or metal and the like are sometimes found in chocolate mixtures. If these are not discovered in time, costly recalls may be necessary. In order to prevent these types of contamination, NETZSCH has developed continuous sealed systems for the production of cocoa and chocolate products.   

A recall costs time, money and all too often the solid reputation that a manufacturer has worked for many years to establish.  Consumers are particularly sensitive to recalls in the food industry, because everything we eat must be absolutely impeccable. This is where our quality and safety standards are especially high. That is why the cocoa and chocolate processing industry turns to the Mambo®, Tango®®, Rumba®® and Salsa®® machines developed by NETZSCH when it comes to preventing contamination in the production process. With their special compact and sealed design and operation, these systems prevent precisely those types of contamination and are therefore highly efficient and economical.  

Absolutely essential here are the hygienic machine design and the patented cleaning process, which optimally removes product residue without opening the system. Because the weak point often lies in the fact that each time the system is opened, impurities and bacteria can get in. By cleaning all media-wetted machine components wIth the NETZSCH CIP system, i.e. without significant dismantling, all hygienic standards are met to the highest degree. Fast, reliable product changeover is possible as well as a high level of machine utilization.  

The NETZSCH machines are also equipped with fine-mesh screens and strong magnets located at key control points in order to detect and capture contaminants at an early stage before the product enters the system.  And if foreign particles still somehow manage to get into the process, they are separated out by a safety screen in the mill.      

Thus, the NETZSCH Confectionery systems guarantee effective and economical protection from contamination. What remains is pure chocolate enjoyment with nothing that doesn’t belong.