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NETZSCH India Grinding & Dispersing Private Limited

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NETZSCH in India

NETZSCH India Grinding & Dispersing started operations in 2004 as a subsidiary of NETZSCH Group with the following three independent business divisions.

  • Pumps & Systems
  • Grinding & Dispersing
  • Analysing & Testing

With a unique synergy within the group coming from the business activities themselves, NETZSCH India Grinding & Dispersing delivers machines and equipments to the state of the art in all the business divisions having a wide range of technological leadership in industrial and scientific ranges combined with extensive service infrastructure. We are one of the leading suppliers of all the above product ranges worldwide.


The NETZSCH INDIA’s wet grinding and mixing laboratory is located in Chennai, India.

Our laboratory allows us to accurately test customer products in order to obtain the maximum grinding efficiency according to customer specifications. After testing is complete, a comprehensive test report, including a sample of the final product, is prepared and sent to the customer. Customers are welcome to take part in the testing of their product, guaranteeing that all tests are run exactly according to their requirements. During the trials, customers will also learn more about our company, its manufacturing abilities and staff.

The NETZSCH-INDIA Laboratory offers a broad range of analysis for innovative processes. NETZSCH-INDIA runs a competence centre for testing technical materials at all stages of processing. A broad range of testing  methods combined with a modern infrastructure are the key to understanding the optimization of Industrial material in the pilot scale. Malvern fineness analyser and hegman gauge are such method to check the fineness required by the customer. Our Global Technical specialists supports NETZSCH-INDIA engineers and customers in the design of equipment and processes. In research we develop the scientific bases for the development of tomorrow’s technologies.

Because of our vast experience backed by our continuous R&D we cater to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse requirements of wet milling. Furthermore, taking advantage of the advanced elemental technology developed for grinding and dispersion. Through the application of sophisticated, our aim is to develop processes for almost all kind of application with accuracy.

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NETZSCH India Grinding & Dispersing Private Limited

No. 61/A30, Gandhi Street, Vanagaram Road,
Athipet Chennai 600 058 India

Tel.: +91 73 5806 6515

e-mail: info.gd@netzsch.com

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