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There is no question that ceramic inkjet printing processes revolutionised the manufacturing of decorated tiles. Since the very beginning, NETZSCH has been pivotal in the development of ceramic inkjet technology.

Ceramic Inkjet

The first batch of pigmented ceramic inkjet was produced in December 2005 using a NETZSCH LabStar laboratory mill. Since then, we have been at the forefront of this technology and the first point of contact. The System Zeta®, with an 80 % market share, is the renowned milling system in the industry for the wet grinding of ceramic inkjet inks. NETZSCH is known worldwide for offering complete solutions for many ceramic applications, not just for ceramic inkjet inks. NETZSCH provide the perfect combination of machines and engineering technology for dry and wet processing of ceramic raw materials, pigments, frits and additives, as well as In-glass inkjet inks, digital glazes and effects.

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