Agrochemistry Seed Treatment


Seed Treatment 

In seed treatment, the grain is coated with targeted growth-enhancing substances and growth-protectants during the dressing process.

Consequently, the seeds are protected from disease and their optimal growth is ensured from the moment they are sown. Depending on pest species and nutrient requirements, various formulations exist to utilize the full yield potential. 

Agrochemistry Seed Treatment

Various methods are used to apply the growth-enhancing substances, such as (micro)nutrients, crop regulators and growth modulators, as well as inoculants and other growthprotectant substances, to the seeds:

  • Encapsulation with a thick layer to obtain an even shape
  • Pelletization – coating with protective substances and nutrients
  • Coating with a thin, polymer-based coating that is permeable to water.

Important steps in the production of the various formulations are mixing, dispersing and fine grinding, for which NETZSCH offers you a tailor-made solution.

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